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Beneficial Reuse Programs

Beneficial Reuse the new Buzzword

Beneficial Reuse involves taking specific industrial waste materials and reusing them to:

  • Replace a raw material for another manufacturing process - or -
  • Reuse it as an industrial tank cleaning product. 

Fly Ash Beneficial Reuse

Coal generated power provideds 50% of all energy necessary in the United States. According to the Department of Energy's 2006 Consumption values report, Indiana consumes the second highest amount of coal by weight in the nation.

How is fly ash generated?

Coal is fed into a boiler, combusts to create steam.  This steam is used to power large turbines. These turbines create the power we consume.  During the combustion process, 5-10% of the coal is not completely incinerated.  The remaining material is less dense and could “fly” out of the scrubbers and smoke stacks if not captured.   This is material is called fly ash. The remaining material that is too heavy to fly away falls to the bottom making this “bottom ash”. Of the byproducts generated during this combustion process, 80% is fly ash.  Bottom ash makes up the balance. 

How is fly ash recycled?

Cement and fly ash have similar chemistries.  These characteristics make fly ash a desirable raw material for cement manufacturing.  As a general rule, one ton of fly ash is used to make 1 ton Portland cement.  Reusing the fly ash to make cement would avoid nearly 1 ton of CO2 emissions.  Let Diversified Green Solutions help you recycle/reuse fly ash.

Waste Industerial Solvent Beneficial Reuse

Utilizing our network of specilized partners, Diversified Green Solutions can assist those generators interested in reusing or recycling waste industrial solvents. This gives you more time to create your products rather than reporting your hazardous byproducts.

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Every year we make enough plastic film to shrink-wrap Texas.