Total Waste Solutions: From Disposal to Recycling

Total Waste Management

Total Waste Management is the ability to manage all materials that are by-products of a manufacturing process. 

These materials can be disposed in a traditional manner or through a reuse program or recycling program.

Diversified Green Solutions has the experience and resources to establish and coordinate a Total Waste Management program for your organization.

We create a detailed recycling plan specific to your facility to reduce, reuse and recycle hazardous/non hazardous waste streams. This will drive operating costs lower while managing waste streams according to state and  federal regulations.

Total waste management programs may include:

  • Initial waste audits
  • Resource management
  • Management and waste tracking data
  • Volume and cost reporting
  • Material recycling and reduction
  • Waste labeling manifesting and transportation
  • Equipment finance

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Did you know?

Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.